Act Cbus (AC)  is not an organization. AC is a clearinghouse for progressive actions in Central Ohio. AC is a tool created for the progressive community to share progressive events, including demonstrations, meetings, workshops, fundraisers, seminars, art exhibits, lectures, etc. Our criteria for events on this site include:

  • Progressive: What qualifies as “progressive”? This is where there is room for debate, and we are continually having this debate. If you have an opinion you think we should know, please email us through our contact page. 

  • In Central Ohio: including everything within the bounds of I-270 and nearby neighborhoods and suburbs too. So long as the event could reasonably be considered within the general boundaries of Central Ohio, we will certainly include it!

  • Nonviolent: We will not promote an event that has a stated violent intent. We also know that disagreement sometimes leads to violence, and that's often unpredictable. Your event's stated intent must be nonviolent to make it onto our site.




The editors of this site are:

Cassie Young,  Jay Snuggles,  Jen Geyson, Lynne Bieber,  Seth Wolfe, Michael Edmiston. 

Logo Design by: Erin Brain Stead

Ultimately, we want EVERYONE to be part of this site’s team. Ways to be involved:

  • Keep us up to date by letting us know of any events you believe meet our 3 criteria on our calendar page.

  • Let us know if you have comments for us on our contact page.